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Tots to teens and their adults are sure to find a book to enjoy. Please see disclaimer. Amy Sloan and her husband, John, are second-generation homeschoolers by grace alone to 5 children ages 4, 7, 9, 12, and Their educational philosophy is one of humility and doxology, and follows primarily a classical approach. Amy loves coffee, and starts getting nervous if the stack of to-be-read library books beside her bed is less than 2 feet tall.

Mostly, though, she gets really excited about the Gospel. The Sloan family adventures in North Carolina. I was 15 when i wrote it for this contest and i have been searching for the article ever since please and thank you. Hi two of my poems were published several years ago. If you could help me I would extremely appreciate your effort and time.

Can you please help. Suddenly a new site opens under that name and there is no record of poems from the previously named site. Can you tell me where I might find the poems listed with the previous Poetry. She has since passed away a few days ago and this would probably mean a lot to my son if I could find it. I never bought the book. By Karen Vance or Ryherd?

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I am so damn depressed with this whole situation regarding the old poetry. I have sent in my poems to the old poetry. I never in a million years thought all my work would vanish off the internet. Please please please help me locate my poems, they were written about my life, what I went through etc. I was a poetry contest winner and I received a letter from the NLP stating my poem would be published in one of their upcoming anthologies. If memory serves me correct the book was to be called Embedded Dreams. Can you please help me find my poem?

10 Powerful Poetry Books for Teens

I never received anything from NLP after that letter, not even a copy of the book. If memory serves me right the name of my poem was Brighter Beginnings. I have sent myself a poor mans copyright at the time but in between moving I lost the piece of mail I sent to myself. Thank you Darlene Coull. I responded to the copy of your question you submitted through our Ask a Librarian service. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do. Are these books still available for viewing? I was very active on a poetry website that had a lot of contests and published poetry collections yearly when I was in 8th grade.


So probably between the years and The title of the poem was Heaven. It was either under my maiden name of Rachel Moore, or my first married name Rachel Brooks. Is there any way to track it down just based on the name of the anthology and my name? I had a few poems on poetry. Do you know if there is a way to retrieve my poems. In , I entered a poetry contest while in high school.

It was a national contest for high school age students. I think, but am not sure, that it was called the Golden Poetry contest. Regardless, they notified me that I was a co-winner of the contest for the state of Illinois. It was entered under the name of C. I was pretty proud of that accomplishment, but nothing other than a letter and a Golden Poet Award certificate was sent to me.

It supposedly was published in an anthology of high school poetry way back then. The only copy I had I gave to my mother as a gift and it has long since disappeared.

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Was I scammed even back then, 47 years ago? But can not find them. I believe 5 in total. Do you know how I can get an order form from a legitimate Company who does this? I received a confirmation of publication of my poem Meeting you but never received a copy of the book. My poem was entered in a contest held in usa. Please could you help me trace that book and send me a copy. Thanking You Aman Kapoor.

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  • Gud day. I received a letter way back June 12, Just wondering what happened to my poem. Im from the Philippines.

    A Complete List of Maya Angelou Works

    I did some cleaning in my room and saw this letter again. Just wondering. I wrote many poems on poetry. Only some of them were for contests and only those that were received notice that they were published in anthologies by the National Library of Poetry or whatever alias the website was using at that time. Would it be possible for you to find these poems for me and send me the titles and texts of them or help me find a way to get them back? The website they were on no longer maintains archives that have me in them and appears to have changed hands at least twice. One of my colleagues will be in touch with you soon with a more complete response.

    I wish I could find my copies of all my poems. Sadly only a few. I too have submitted poems in the Poetry. I was very pleased with them and shocked to learn from what I read on the Lulu site. Tears are a Language…. The One….. Silent Pain….

    Browse Poems | Poetry Foundation

    Death is Life…. Can you help? When I was about 13 or 14 I entered a contest to have my poem published into a book. All I can remember is the title of my writings. At the time my name was Linda Bernier. I was in the 8th grade at the time. I also have another poem written between that I believe was published in a high school anthology. I am hoping that you can point me in the right direction. I submitted a poem back in I think it was. They sent me a letter saying it would be published and I never got a copy of the book.

    I would love to find it. I am searching for poem I won a poetry contest with. I think it was on Poetry. The Poem was published in a coffee table book.