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The following is based on [Lamport , Appendix B]. A book with an explicit publisher. A paper in a conference proceedings. The proceedings of a conference. Turner [] presents an impressive list of BibTEX style examples. The biblatex package overcomes many of these. The biblatex package is very comprehensive. Is it beyond the scope of this book to discuss it in detail. In the remainder of this section we shall explore some of its capabilities. The bibliography management for this book was created with biblatex.

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First we load the biblatex package. The other options are less important. For this book, the opening bracket is a square bracket and the closing bracket a closing square Figure 1. Knuth [] describes TEX. The ultimate guide to TEX is [Knuth, ]. Knuth wrote [Knuth, ] in In this book the symbol is a horizontal rule to the length of 3 em, which is followed by a single space.

The 3 em long rule is recommended by Bringhurst [, page 80]. The command takes an optional argument that lets you specify the title of the bibliography. Some of this is explained in Sections 1. The following shows how you print the bibliography of your work. A textual citation acts as a subject or an object in a sentence: Knuth []. Leaving out such citations should result in grammatical errors.

To achieve this you use similar commands as before. However, this time the relevant commands start with an uppercase letter. The biblatex also supports footnotes and endnotes but that is not explained in this book. In linux you may get package information about the biblatex package by executing the following command. If you are looking for other classes and packages then ctan is also the place to be. For example, in a conference proceedings each article has its own bibliography. Some theses have a separate bibliography for each chapter or part. The remainder of this section shows how to get a bibliography at the end of a chapter with the aide of biblatex.

You import biblatex with your favourite options. You specify the names of your bibliography database s.

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You add a refsection environment for each chapter and print the bibliography at the end of the chapter. The following shows how this is done for one chapter—of course you can repeat this for other chapters. In unix this may be done as follows. You run LaTEX twice. Unix Usage 27 28 Chapter 1 7.

LaTeX and Friends (

You sit down, relax, and admire your end-of-chapter bibliographies. The technique in this section can also be used to create end-of-chapter bibliographies but you would be silly if you did because it would take more time. For example, some works have bibliographies for books, for journal articles, for conference papers, and so on.

As in the previous two sections biblatex comes to our rescue. This time, we have to work a bit harder because biblatex cannot automatically recognise the categories. We shall start with a slight variation on the end-of-chapter bibliographies.

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You add refsection environments for your chapters. The following prints a title for the collected subbibliographies. You print the subbibliographies.

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In general this is not possible. For example you may want a bibliography for books and one for articles. Again biblatex comes to the rescue because it can separate bibliographies by the type of BibTEX entry: Book, Article, …. The following shows how to create your subbibliographies. As a matter of fact, the package also introduces a whole range of nonstandard BibTEX entries such as Online, Patent, Reference, and so on.

The following shows how you associate three keywords called glass, opera, and minimal with a Misc entry of an opera by Philip Glass. However, in a two-sided printing style, it also makes the next page a right-hand side odd page, producing a blank page if necessary. The value of the counter controls the depth of last sectional level that is listed in the table of contents. The value 0 represents the highest sectional unit, 1 the next sectional unit, and so on. Its value determines the depth of the the sectional units that are numbered.

Table 1. Getting it to work may take a while. The remainder of this section explains how to create an index. The mechanism for glossaries is similar.

LaTeX and Friends (

The multind package lets you create several index lists. The package works as follows. The second name is the title of the index. The title also appears in the table of contents. This is similar to using bibtex for generating the bibliography. The following demonstrates how to use the program.

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The following is based on [Lamport , Appendix A. The entry also lists the page number. It also lists the page number. There is one more construct, which is useful for topics that cover a page range.

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Notice that the entries for programs and sausages both have subentries. However, the entry for programs has a page number whereas the entry for sausages does not. Recall that you can pass options to classes. If you have multiple options then you separate them with commas. The following are some standard classes. The basic article class.

LaTeX and Friends (comrisihi.tkhing) - AbeBooks - M. R. C. van Dongen:

The top-level sectional unit of this class is the section. The top-level sectional unit of this class is the chapter. The book class also provides the commands for indicating the start of the front, main, and back matter. This class has no sectional units. The letter is written inside a letter environment. The letter environment has one required argument, which should be the address of the addressee.

The output on the right is the resulting index. The font in the output may seem tiny, but it is representative for a typical index. A double backslash generates a newline. We look forward to the money. Send it now. Use a 12 point font size. Output a document that is printed on both sides of the paper. Output a document that has two columns.