Mismatched (Book Two) (The Agency Files 2)

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  1. What Is the Sense of Agency and Why Does it Matter?
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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I had a hard time wanting to read this book, because of the cover, but once I realized it was part of the Justified Means series, I was in. My daughter who also enjoyed this book and is waiting for the third, was surprised I liked it.

I am not into suspense normally, but with Chautona writing I new I could trust her. I was not disappointed, what a great story. Wish I could be more like Allison, not judgemental and very loving. Leo is a great character and so good to see the way he interacts with everyone. Another wonderful book by Chautona!!

What Is the Sense of Agency and Why Does it Matter?

There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. I loved this story of redemption! The story is filled with action, suspense, suspicion, risk, romance and hearts searching for authenticity. We also witness the damage words can do - whether spoken or written. We see the struggle of a former "bad boy" trying to make a new life in a place where people don't know or trust him.

We also find genuine Christians who love him for who he is, seeing the wounds of his past and giving him hope and help for his future.

e-book Mismatched (Book Two) (The Agency Files 2)

The mix of characters is diverse, reflecting the real world of people around us. I have become hooked on this author's works! I love her versatility and how her books are connected through the characters and community she has created. I read this before reading the first book in the series; but, it definitely works as a stand-alone book.

I read the first in Agency Files. It is refreshing not to have bad language or sex thrown at the reader. This 2nd book in the series has a lot more Scripture in it.

SAP Concur strives to provide high-quality support to our customers.

I don't mind that at all, but times it seemed forced. The suspense wasn't as great as in first book, but the characters are interesting. My biggest complaint was the lack of detail. I understand not divulging the whole story until the end, but it was not masterfully accomplished. Who said what line was also confusing.

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Sometimes the same clever line was used in the same chapter. The writing is poor, like the author threw a homework assignment together at the last minute. I'll have to be out of good material before I pick another one of her books. Wanted to like it - really, I did. A past stained and a future shadowed with danger for one. An average life for the other.

Both are swept up into a terrible life-threatening dangerous situation. The story is told well. The plot is filled with excitement, danger, romance, subplots, and lessons-to-be-learned. The Agency is a fascinating concept, and the reader can't help but be intrigued by it. The agents are human and their abilities are believable. I highly recommend this book. I read this book only because I enjoyed the first one in the series so much.

When I initially started reading this book I was very disappointed that none of my favorite characters appeared in the first chapter. However the story really drew me in and was really relevant to what I was going through in my own life at the time. The favorite characters from the first book are brought back in this book but I have no doubts that the readers will fall in love with the new characters of this book. All in all this was a great enjoyable read. So often we judge a book by its cover. This book is about judging people by their covers.

So often we form initial impressions and we don't work at finding out what is behind them. Both the main characters have been judged by their covers over and over. They look past the covers and find out the real people inside. Some action, new identities, a 'kidnapping' are also involved. I don't think this book is great literature, but it certainly was fun to read. I enjoyed this book. I've always enjoyed mystery books but in recent years it's been hard finding ones that you didn't have figured out from the beginning. This one was so refreshing, not only did I not figure anything out right away, it was wonderfully paced.

The ending wraps up nicely but leaves you wanting to read the next book, not because this one really continues but because you Know the next will be just as good.

It was worth the reading , I wanted to know about how they relationship worked out because they were 2 different people not just from to different worlds but different tracks who came together, my boyfriend and I are 2 different spirits also and we seem to complete each other and have or thought we had nothing in commen but we compliment each other in alot of ways.

He is a person who is strong willed , a leader, likes to be incharge of everything, and likes to get things done, he used to drink alot and do drugs, always in and out of jail, I was a correctional officer and a person who believes in God and that he is my strong hold on my life, but a person who believes in giving one a chance to change their life and my boyfriend and i have been together for over 6 years now. O how I loved this book!! Loved the first one in the series also - Justified Means.

Looking forward to the next one in the series.

Chautona always seems to bring out something to think about in her books - Like sweet Allison looking past Leo's rough exterior to find a man worthy of her love, even though no one else in town thinks he is worthy of her! Read this book - you won't be disappointed!! It is am, this book kept me coming back for more.

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Prediction, perception and agency

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